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My Dear Earth,

I’m writing to thank-you for all the gifts you’ve offered to me.  You’re one of a kind!  I’m compelled to follow your great acts of kindness and share your unique gifts.

Some wrongly take your gifts –  dig for them, drill for them, cleave to them, hide them and give them away.  They ravage you, change you, disrespect and disregard you, with greed and blindness. How do I make them see?  Do you see?

Some lovingly accept your gifts – take only what is needed and leave some undisturbed.  We know that if we take everything away, there is no more.  There are times in our history with you when the balance of nature was a potent, meaningful, life giving existence.

Thank you for understanding that I love you and all your precious gifts. You show unwavering grace in your commitment to your own dignity. There are still unique, uncountable surprises within you, even at your age!

Can one person change the way things are going for you? I feel overwhelmed by the thought.  I must change that thought, as you have changed.

I promise to show my unwavering gratitude for your gifts, by bringing to light, the little things that are unseen, unwanted and valuable parts of you.  While breathing your life, watching your bees, gathering your berries and seeds, I will consider you, commune with you.

Your gifts unseen by so many, unknown, wasting. Deeds of the past will be told.   As I prepare my next letter, I look within a three mile radius.

Thank you again for your mindful gifts.

Yours truly,



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